Welcome To Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity INC.


Through our labors of love and hard work

you will begin to know our Hystory© (pronounced history)

and witness the establishment of Omicron’s Legacy

Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is a non-collegiate masculine women’s and FTM (transmen) fraternity founded May 7th 2009 in Southern California.  Membership is exclusively for women of an alternative lifestyle who identifies as a masculine woman and FTM (transman), however our organization doesn’t turn anyone away when it comes to working together for a better, stronger, non-judgmental world. Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. was founded to change the mindset of negative, closed minded individuals. Those who feel in the twenty-first century it’s still okay to hold a masculine woman or transman back because of our appearance and/or persona from opportunities other than stereotypical positions.  Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is a spiritual organization (not a religious organization). We provide mentorship and inspiration for all the people our organization comes in contact with through, prayer, life experiences, and bible scriptures and mentoring.

In addition to our mission, vision, and goals set for Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. we’re constantly working towards creating profitable jobs and affordable healthcare for masculine identified women and FTM transmen.  Jobs in which these women and men will be viewed, screened, and interviewed based on experience, knowledge, and skill sets. We want to provide opportunities for these individuals based on need and description of a specific position; not on the physical appearance and/or sexuality of an individual.  These jobs provide health benefits for these individuals and affordable rates for their families as well.  The members of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. knows and understand a healthy mind and body will produce healthy and positive work environments and growth.

The purpose of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is to provide the community with a voice who will stand up and stand out for the masculine identified woman and FTM transman as well as all the people in her/hys/his everyday life.  Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. was created so masculine identified women living an alternative lifestyle and FTM transmen could be able to a part of a Greek letter organization without confirming to be someone they aren’t.  Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. was created as a “community and social service” business organization. We aren’t a dating service and we’re not a social club.  We’re an organization that believes in giving back through community service and manage our resources to network and partner with other organizations that have shared goals.

Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. isn’t just a “come and go” organization we’re a “Come and Grow” organization.  We are looking for quality individuals that are looking for personal growth and the willingness and desire to help make their community a better place.

Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is looking for individual people and organizations who have experience and the desire to help with housing for veterans, feeding and housing homeless individuals (especially homeless youth). We are also looking to partner with organizations who focuses on and help youth born with HIV and Diabetes.  Are you that person?  If so please contact us we’re ready to partner with you and your organization.

There are many ways to support us. Click the like button and let us know how we are doing or suggestions on what we can do.