Welcome To Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity INC.

Welcome To The Land Of Omicron
The First and Last Greek Camelot

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc.  A non-profit 501 (C) 3 Organization. It’s not by chance you stumbled across the land of Omicron and it’s not by chance this Fraternity will stick in your mind as it’s your destiny to become either a member or a supporter of “The First and Only Greek Camelot!”

We truly believe in building lifelong bonds between community partners, volunteers, supporters and our members.  We believe in helping the community (regardless to gender, religion, age, or nationality) with the God given talents that we possess. Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. has been established to support the need of “Bruhood.” This is the brotherly bonds between masculine identified women and FTM (transmen), as well as to have a platform for masculine identified women and FTM (transmen) to feel safe in their skin without being judged for being the “boi / man” they are.  When you enter the gates of Omicron you will witness true bonds of friendship, love, and commitment.

Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity welcomes all bois (from soft to hard) and FTM men to enter the gates of “The First and Last Greek Camelot”©. Our goal is the personal development of our members through community service. To paraphrase our motto you will walk in a boi /boy, but rise as a King!

For our volunteers, supporters and mentees Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is here to provide unconditional love and support for the community.  We are here to partner and bring awareness to issues that are plaguing our communities (i.e. suicide in and out of the minority community, LGBTQ homeless epidemic, displaced LGBT Veterans).  We are also here to provide education, enlightment and upliftment to issues many are not fully aware of (i.e. life and spirituality, the life of a FTM transman, It is okay living life identying as LGBTQ person, and our personal favorite, “A Person is NOT their past”).  If you have a special place in your heart to help others and would like to join us a community partner, volunteer or supporter please feel free to contact us.  We welcome you with open arms and look forward to building long lasting joint ventures and bounds.

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