Welcome To Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity INC.

Omicron Kings

The Creed of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc." © 2009

Written by Sir Majestic Quest

Who are we?

We are Omicron Kings!

We are the beginning of the end of negative stereotypes

We are born, bred, and cut from the highest form of greatness

We are knights, noblewomen, noblemen, leaders, innovators

We are the Essence of true Boi’s/Boys!

We are the Pride of our community and the Protectors of our homes

We are Omicron Kings!

Beyond the strut of our swag our image is second to NONE!

Our creator is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

Therefore out rightful place is on the Omicron throne

Our outer appearance is made up of various shades, sizes, and unique mannerisms

However our inner soul is ONE!

We are the blood that runs thru the veins of the Omicron Nile

We’re the roots deeply embedded intertwine amongst one another promoting everlasting life

Who are we?

We are Omicron Kings!

Strong, Intelligent, Classy, Educated, Driven, Gentlewomen, Gentlebois, Gentlemen, Dream Catchers, Powerful Warriors of this modern day time!

Who are WE – Who are WE – Who are WE?