Welcome To Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity INC.

3 B's of omicron

Our Brand

Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is an organization for the community (both LGBTQ and non LGBTQ).  We support our communities by providing encouragement, inspiration, understanding, and unconditional love for all. The women / transmen (affectionately known as the bois /boys of Omicron) listen to the needs of the communities and we lend our voices to raise awareness and use our hands to do the work to support those in need of help. Our organization operates transparently to allow other organizations to feel comfortable and have the freedom to collaborate with Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. members as we move forward jointly to bring a positive change to our world.



Our Business

As a community and social service non-profit organization our main mission is to provide for those in need.  Through the philanthropy of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. Omicron’s Helping Hands® program we have been able to feed more than 2,000 homeless women, men and children since September of 2011. Through our Omitot® Christmas Program our organization has been able to provide Christmas trees, gifts, toys, and dinner for more than 50 families since December of 2009.


Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. has set short term, midterm and long term goals for our organization. Our short term goals are to raise awareness through our website and our Facebook “Fam” page. We call our Facebook page our “Fam” page because we are looking for people to join our family not just be fans of our work.  Every time we receive a new interest in becoming a member, supporter, donor, or volunteer we know we are blessed. We truly understand it takes a village to raise a child. By getting to know our neighbors and the needs of our community we become a modern day village by helping each other through tough times and raising the level of mutual respect. Therefore Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. has taken on the responsibility of transforming our community into a new village.  By partnering and starting new joint ventures Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. is looking forward to helping to change lives of those that needs change and hope. We’re working every day to make sure there are safe havens for all who are bullied regardless of gender or sexual preference. We also continue our fight to make sure NO ONE goes hungry.


Our mid and long term goals includes networking with other organizations to build stronger bonds in the LGBTQ community and the homeless and disabled Veteran’s community.  The members of Omicron strongly feel if you fight for our country you shouldn’t have to come home and fight for a safe roof over your head.  We also feel NO child should be homeless or left to figure out how they will receive medicines when they are born with life threatening diseases (i.e. Diabetes, HIV, Cancer, etc.)  Through J.O.M.P ® (Junior Omicron Mentor Program) the members of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. will bring hope, a positive spirit and security to the lives of these individuals.



Our Bruhood

We the members of Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. understand the brotherhood is the icing on the cake.  To be surrounded with like-minded individuals who want to give back, serve their community and to be advocates for change, equality, and a better life.  When you become an Omicron Boi, we strive together to build a family based on honesty, trust and love. As we mentor our Bois / Boys to become Kings you will know you will have Bruhs for life that will support you without judgment; that is the blessing of being an Omicron Boi / Boy.  Knowing you will have bruhs who will laugh with you, pray with you, talk to you and be there for you is the ultimate reward of becoming a member Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc.

This is how our foundation was laid and this is what our legacy will be.  Our Motto, Theme and Creed say it all. We are the First and the Last Greek Camelot! We rebirth bois/boys to Kings!  We are Bois/Boys by Nature, Knights by Blood and Kings by Right!

Omicron Kings ©2009

(Kappa Omega Omicron Fraternity Inc. Creed)

Who are we?

We are Omicron Kings!

We are the beginning of the end of negative stereotypes
We are born, bred, and cut from the highest form of greatness
We are knights, noblewomen, leaders, innovators
We are the Essence of true Boi’s!
We are the Pride of our community and the Protectors of our homes

We are Omicron Kings!

Beyond the strut of our swag our image is second to NONE!
Our creator is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Therefore our rightful place is on the Omicron thrown
Our outer appearance is made up of various shades, sizes, and unique mannerisms

However our inner soul is

We are the blood that runs thru the veins of the Omicron Nile
We’re the roots deeply embedded intertwine amongst one another promoting everlasting life

Who are we?

We are Omicron Kings!

Strong, Intelligent, Classy, Educated, Driven, Gentlewomen,
Dream Catchers, Powerful Warriors of this modern day time!

Who are WE – Who are WE – Who are WE?